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Christan Cross

3DHouston didn't only make me a better athlete, but also a better person. It encouraged me to improve and be the best at anything i do. 3DHouston doesn't just train athletes, it's way bigger than that. I see it more like a family because there's a common goal and everyone pushes eachother to be greater, not just in football but in the classroom or anything really. It really is a family. Before I became apart of the family I really had no type of training like I did at 3D. I only played DB for a year so i was new to all of it, but at 3D they took the time to work with me so i could improve my game. I was given a lot of great training and even better wisdom which I don't think any other group of people do. I believe my understanding and feel for the game has increased a great amount since becoming apart of the family, and since then I've received several offers. 3DHouston means a lot to me and it's a big reason i'm where i am today.

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